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One Billion Rising

For those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you have been watching my excitement growing as VDAY approaches and One Billion women will RISE up!  One Billion Rising is an organization that is promoting a celebration of women rising up against violence on Valentine’s Day, February 14th 2013.  There are countless Rising […]

Life can turn on a dime…

Two nights ago and yesterday, and today and forever before me…it is about being fully present with each breath. My Mother was scheduled to go in for surgery to correct a surgery that had been to correct another surgery, etc. that was supposed to take place this coming Tuesday…just before Thanksgiving. Two days ago, they […]

What is Wellcoaching and more…

What in the World is Wellness Coaching? With the massive increase in chronic diseases within the United States, and a medical system that is challenged to handle the day to day management of what goes along with the living, breathing issues of these patients, a newer methodology has presented itself called Wellcoaching.  Wellcoaching was specifically […]

All we need is love

For some of you, it’s running, some walking, some going to the gym…the cycling class, zumba, pilates…for me it’s pretty much yoga. I like to swim and cycle, hike and even tai chi and belly dancing also, but there’s just nothing like a good yoga class. I love all the different teachers. I didn’t used […]