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My Hip Opening Project

Motivated by losing inches in my hips, just over a year ago, I committed to deepening my yoga practice within my hips.  A year later, I do believe that I have probably lost a little bit in measurement, but honestly, I can’t remember now what I started out as…inches wise.  What I do know is […]

Goodbye Mr. Musser

During the time that I moved back to my parent’s house in Los Gatos, CA when my ex-husband asked me to leave our Mill Valley home, I returned to the community in which I had been raised.  Unlike some who feel as if returning home represents a failure on their part in some way, I […]

Happy Estrus Day?!?

I know, I know.  I AM crazy!  It’s the absolute truth.  I simply can’t help myself.  I had so many fun things bubble up around Easter for me today (writing this on Easter), that I simply couldn’t wait until next year to share, even though you will probably read this after Easter…no big deal.  I […]

New Moon!

It’s pretty amazing alright!  The Full Moon has now transformed itself into a New Moon!  In only 14 days at that! Wow, right?  It’s actually really fantastic to watch how time passes in terms of moon cycles, and it’s my hope that as my reader you will be able to start noticing what phase the […]

This just zIN!


There was too much Zinfindel and not enough corks!  My middle guy came waltzing in with a three quarter filled bottle saying that we HAD to taste the wine.  I must say, it’s pretty rough having parents who have a small Zinfindel vineyard on their property.  There was nothing that could be done about it. […]

Happy Full Moon!

It’s so exciting to be able to welcome all of you into our first official days of Spring! I know, I know… it maybe still feels like Winter, but actually the energy now has transitioned into Spring.  This Full Moon signifies the onset of the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Water Snake. […]