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Episode 38 – Grieving Gratitude and New Traditions (Preparing For The Holidays Episode 3)

Episode Description Wrapping up our series on parenting during life challenges such as divorce through the holidays, Margaret Jacobson and Pamela Elaine, together, will delve into the more quiet and unspoken challenges experienced by many during the holiday season, as well as the wondrous opportunities for gratitude and the exciting creation of new traditions. Join […]

Episode 37 – Controlling Child Support Chaos Throughout The Holidays (Preparing For The Holidays Episode 2)

Episode Description The holidays can be the most challenging for divorce or divorcing couples. Custody agreements are challenged, child support conflicts arise, feelings get hurt and misunderstandings abound. Caught in between these dynamics are…well, you guessed it…our children. What child support issues do you need to resolve, and can you do so without causing chaos […]

Episode 34 – Goodbye Fear Hello Self Confidence (Relationship Reflection Episode 4)

Episode Description Is FEAR a dictator in your relationship with your spouse/ex-spouse/soon-to-be-ex spouse? How does FEAR make you feel: Empowered or inadequate? In control or out of control? Important or insignificant? Active or paralyzed??? Hmmmm…..Today’s show is a continuation of our theme, “Relationship Reflection.” The title of today’s show is “Goodbye Fear. Hello Self-Confidence!” Today, […]

Episode 31 – Conflict Is Misunderstood Difference (Relationship Reflection Episode 1 )

Episode Description Think about your marriage – whether you are contemplating divorce, in the heat of divorce, or already through divorce. Did YOUR way of communicating with your spouse bring conflict or calm? Max Rivers is a marriage mediator who teaches NVC (non-violent communication). He defines “conflict” as “misunderstood difference,” and believes that marriage (as […]