Autoimmunity the symptom NOT the disease? Thoughts? (Finding your BRAVE)

(NOTE: I wrote this as an inspiration of my participation in a Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Facebook group. There are several parts that speak directly to that group, but you can translate it to your own circumstance.  If you are having trouble and want deeper clarification on my thoughts, please email me/comment below)

I am so curious about something a little deeper that lies below the surface here and wonder if any of you would indulge me.

In working with myself and my clients, it seems that prior to the diagnosis/tragic life circumstance/or vast change, there seems to be an inner place where the deeper questions of life rise to the surface.  Why am I here?  What is my purpose? There must be more to this than what meets the eye…  It seems that these questions BRING the unfolding of how to find the answers.

Only the answers are only given in paradox and here’s what I mean. The unfolding of how to find the answers is given by a disease, disorder, or circumstance that crushes us.  It smashes the entire ability to reason out of us.  We try to mentally learn and discover and justify and understand why and how and yet it seems that we are not meant to get to the why and how.

That when we finally release our need to understand, we are taken out of our victimhood of the disease, disorder or circumstance and we are allowed the honorable and sacred position of truly coming into our being.  Through TRUTH within ourselves…we are allowed to power a vehicle of empowered choice.  We have to be truthful with ourselves about our emotionally laden choices and step back and mindfully listen to inner guidance (eat this, don’t eat that, rest, rest, rest..and laugh and play).

I believe our minds have been conditioned to be more toxic than gluten(or whatever your big toxin is).  We are relying on our minds and our reasoning to get us out of this mess.  We are trusting our bodies to others’ toxic reasoning minds (medical professionals, etc.), when the answer is so irrational…it’s about how we have given our power away to others, to the media, to the medical system, to our families, to our communities.  We let them rule our daily choices about our thoughts and decisions and have created a body that is now eating itself away…right at the throat center – THYROID – our power of voice in the world., our will, our expression of choice.

We have to fall in love with ourselves, with our bodies that we have disowned.  Our bodies that don’t even really exist to us.  We simply want to mask it all with what someone else tells us to do to it because they know better.  We don’t even know ourselves and yet  what it’s really going to take is loving our bodies that are not good enough (strong enough, lean enough, skinny enough, pretty enough, etc.)

I want to state that our disease is actually the symptom, that the real disease is our inability to not be truthful with ourselves.  What do you think?  What are your experiences?

And as is my tradition, I want to leave you with a song of empowerment.  Lovin’ this one lately because really I just want to see you be BRAVE!

How big is your BRAVE?

In courage and humility,

Margaret, The Mother of The Mother Rising

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  1. Jaqueline June 6, 2013 at 9:29 am #

    Being a complimentary health practitioner myself I can relate to this article. I had the same thoughts and came to a similar conclusion.
    The only thing is how do you re-program yourself in order to heal body and mind. It is not a problem when you have the finances to go for whatever treatment necessary but if the finances are not there it is really difficult.
    Even with all the meditation, the knowledge one has guidance and support is needed… Just my 2c


    • Margaret Jacobson June 6, 2013 at 7:53 pm #

      I was in this same position. Here are Five things I did on the cheap that worked for me:

      1 – Compassion for myself. Having kindness for myself was seriously #1. So much unfolding happened JUST because I was finally kind to myself. It created a spaciousness between my ego and my soul.
      2 – Created community around my spirituality. I did this by listening to podcasts that were free and expressed this place of understanding beyond the ordinary physical reality. It just put me in a mindset of looking at things from a grander view. I listened when doing laundry, dishes, driving to the store… I found probably about 5 podcasts that I really jived with and somehow these folks on the podcasts became my community more than my physical community. I also found a group that met once a month that was all women that really helped me take the time to reflect on everything.
      3 – I tended an altar daily. I created a sanctuary in my home where I could go and pray and ask for guidance. The guidance started as seeming external and then as I got clearer, it became noticeable that the guidance was actually internal. I allowed myself to cry A LOT at this altar. I had many, many days where I couldn’t see a foot in front of me. But there was a deep cleansing that happened there.
      4 – I ate well. I educated myself about what would support my physical body. I knew that the vessel that I was using to hold court with the divine needed to be strong and clear. So I slowly made changes in my eating, resting, sleeping and living circumstances.
      5- I connected with nature. Being outside was very cleansing for me. Just a short walk around the block at different times of day was huge. Watching the seasons, paying attention to the moon cycles. I also began setting intentions with the cycles of the moon.

      With my background in Health Services Administration, I am working on a piece that shows how much people are paying out of pocket for dealing with their autoimmunity over a 5-10 year period. It’s quite a lot. I think we get in the mindset that our regular doctor visit and our medications are like going to the gas station and filling up, but when we look at the overall cost of things, maybe we would be better off with a hybrid/investing upfront in ourselves. Stay tuned…you might like to see that one. – Much love – Margaret


      Margaret Jacobson
  2. Maggie Kenedy June 6, 2013 at 6:57 pm #

    I have had issues with Hashimoto’s for over 20 years would like more clarification on this. thank you Maggie Kenedy


    • Margaret Jacobson June 6, 2013 at 7:22 pm #

      Hi Maggie! Thanks for asking for more clarification. I can only speak directly for my own personal experience. I know that when I was diagnosed, I felt incredibly crushed. I felt devastated that I had lost my sense of who I was in every aspect of my life and really felt like the Hashimoto’s was a reflection of what was transpiring for me in my everyday life and choices. I just couldn’t believe that my body was attacking ITSELF! How could it have come to this?

      What was interesting to me though was that not long before the diagnosis, over maybe the year prior or maybe 2 years prior, I had been actively going deeper in my own spirituality and asking for an understanding of my connection with the divine…with the universe. It almost seemed like I HAD to have this symptom of the Hashimoto’s to look at the real dis-ease within me which was having lost my voice.

      I was doing everything for everyone else. I had totally lost my sense of who I was in the world.

      It has been several years, and I have approached healing this from a very physical (nutritional, rest, etc) plane which has led to a lot of incredible changes in my physical, mental and emotional areas. With the improvement in these areas, I have also continued to pursue my spiritual practice and it just gets deeper and deeper and more freeing and exciting. It started as an exploration of finding out where I had lost my personal power and has become a place of profound surrender and liberation. It has been a journey that continues to humble me, and it is a journey that will continue…How about you? (If you wish to make this conversation more private, feel free to email me directly at

      Much love to you… Margaret


      Margaret Jacobson

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